A very very boring thread

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Okay. Here is your own comment thread in which to bait a stranger to the content of your heart. Enjoy it!

Just stop derailing. Neither of us is that interesting. And please stop. I prefer it when adults take responsibility for their own compulsions.


Adults with compulsions! Perhaps this is the sarcasm thread!

It is one thing to be able to point and laugh at others. Quite another to do it to yourself.

Presumably, if one operates as a separate process. Which is laughing.

This is “Your story is boring #57” – there are 59 in total.

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Scottish Village of Dull Moves to Partner with Boring, Oregon



edited to add: Did you know Iggy was once young?


The America definition of ‘boring’…?

Posted mainly for the classic Peter Sellers skit at the end.


The world cup is boring. Give me some proper test matches. And Vox thinks Australia is heavily populated??

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They didn’t mention the fielding positions:


As it’s the short-form and with the weather looking unsettled here, it’s also likely that Duckworth-Lewis will play a part.

Cricket and maths. Be still, my beating heart.


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Having watched a couple of baseball games, I honestly can’t see why it’s considered more interesting than cricket. It seems excessively weighted in favour of the side in the field, so most of the time you’re seeing the batter miss the ball. When they do hit it, you don’t get the impression that they have a lot of choice about where to put it - the sweet spot is too small and it mainly seems to be a question of reactions. The window that the pitcher has to target is pretty small, so there’s no range of strokes. They can spin the ball better than I’d imagined, but there’s no effect from the ground conditions, weather or the age of the ball. The field is also too small, so you don’t get the tactical use of resources depending on the bowling and batting style. You do have a little more unpredictability in the basic outcome of a pitch (strike, home run, stealing a base, catch), but the innings are over too quickly to form much of a structure.

It has its own rhythms, but baseball is a good substitute for cricket. You just have to learn to see runs as the hard things to get, like wickets, because, as you say, the balance is the other way.

There’s a lot to enjoy in a good batsman keeping a pitcher at bay for a long at bat, fouling away good pitches, trying to get him to use up his 100 or so pitches before they have to turn to the relievers.

It’s very much a pastime like cricket is, and its pace is much more like Test cricket than the 50 and 20 over versions. It’s definitely a lot less showy than T20, and all the better for it.

And you have the balance of the big hitters who get home runs but less frequently, vs. players like Ichiro who specialise in smaller in-field hits and getting on base.

What I’m saying is, it grows on you.