Watching a man struggle to put on a rain poncho is more fun than watching the sports game


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This is one of the many reasons it is now more terrifying than ever to go out in public.


Not true, of course, since they go back to the action every time the pitcher pitches. (And it’s nice to see something entertaining happening between pitches, which is the most painful part of watching baseball, sometimes)


Those animated gifs are getting very annoying.


It’s beneath you to identify it as a baseball game? Are you gaining some kind of prestige by obliquely referring to it as a pro sports game? What if it were an amateur game? Your studied obfuscation is fascinating.


Anything to liven up the dull slowness that is watching baseball.


The dull slowness is what makes it fun! They need to get rid of all the other stuff they do between balls and innings. Particularly that stupid 7th innings stretch rubbish.


It’s the whole “I’m pretending I don’t understand sports because bros” meme. See also: any reference to “sportsball”. I admit I found it mildly amusing, at first, but now it’s just tiresome.


This is going to sound weird, but I love those two announcers (Bob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo, who does most of the talking in the video). As you can hear in the video, they have great rapport and are often pretty funny, and F.P. in particular has fascinating insights into the game and what the players are probably thinking. I think I enjoy listening to F.P. and Bob as much (or more) as I do watching the game itself.


I fail to understand why people find baseball dull and slow. There’s always something going on, sometimes more subtle than others. But everyone should seek out and enjoy activities that are compatible with their attention spans.


Please don’t assume I find it boring because I have a short attention span. Some of my favorite things are very slow. But not boring.


That’s fair enough. I never watch chess matches or golf because I find them boring. I wouldn’t watch baseball unless I found it fascinating, but I also don’t complain about how dull and slow chess is, since I just don’t watch it. I probably would complain and yearn for something to spice things up if I were compelled to watch it, which is the only reason I can come up with for why people would complain about baseball being so hard for them to watch.


Man versus god
Man versus nature
Man versus man
Man versus poncho


That happens to me every time I change the trash liner, REALLY!



He looked like he might have been struggling with an intention tremor and the rain poncho simultaneously. Which casts broadcasting his struggle in a slightly different light.


I agree with stano, it is kind of sad that sometimes an animated gif has a larger size, less quality/colors, no playback controls (which means no choice to download/watch) and no sound, than the equivalent streaming video. I guess animated gifs are BoingBoing new steampunk fetish or something like that, but it is technologically a HUGE step backward, like 20 years in computing history. It is like sorting data with bubble sort algorithms for fashion. :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Here in the mountains of Central America I only have a 2mbit connection, and it is very painful to visit BB since they started with that retro thing, minutes or so to load three tabs for example.


Nah, just an old guy stuck in a plastic bag. That shit’s funny. Until he suffocates.


Maybe. It could also be the poncho just sucks.