A video of a tiny dog viciously guarding its sushi

Originally published at: A video of a tiny dog viciously guarding its sushi | Boing Boing

This is the kind of thing that drives me crazy. Owners thinking that neurotic behavior from small dogs is cute and ignore or encourage it. It’s not cute.


Looks to me like someone fed this one after midnight.


i’m the same way. do not get between me and my raw tuna!

I don’t like it at all. Poor little thing is already shorted out by being bred to be tiny and defenseless. Now she’s being deliberately being goaded and tormented. Not cute and not funny. Give love and security to her since she’s so defenseless, let her feel safe, but this bullshit of tormenting her for the cute reaction, thats just plain cruel and wrong.

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Yeah, it is aggressive behavior that will get someone bit at some point. :confused:

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Right. It seems slightly desperate to guard anything given to it.

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