A video series that explains how public infrastructure works

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Watching this made me thirsty, weird I know.


Ah yes, all the stuff no one thinks about or cares about until or unless it’s broken.


We’ve been reading up on house building, thinking about making ourselves a little homestead outside the city. The slow process of the de-mystification of construction, electrical and plumbing has been pretty exhilarating. Well, that combined with my ASMR-like physical response to cutaway illustrations and isometric perspective.


This is the best explanation of water distribution systems I’ve ever seen! I’m currently working for a company that solves the control problem of when to fill the reservoirs, so I posted it on the company Slack.


Oh, this is really not a good show for water utilities to have videos like these out there, evidence of unaccounted for water flowing from the distribution system directly from fire hydrants into the gutter but, overall the video really packs a multitude of municipal water purveyor tidbits into a powerful primer for young adults. You know, our regulators could learn a thing or two from this, as well. The entire Practical Engineering library looks to be worthwhile to explore. I can hardly wait to better understand the value to our community of a hydraulic jump. Thank you for the post!

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