Water tower demolition gone wrong

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A perfectly reasonable opportunity for vertical video, if the cameraman could just hold it VERTICAL.


I suppose it’s good the tank was empty.


Perhaps they envisioned the tractor/crane as not only a tool, but a suit of armor?


Oh, shit.
That’s not how you do it.

Not that I know any better, but what was their goal exactly, what way did they want it to fall considering the supports they started with?

The onlookers started waving and whatnot after the first support was worked on, so I’m guessing this is a case of poor assumptions all around (probably the planners planned one thing, assumed it obvious, didn’t tell the specifics to the crane guy, etc etc).

Hopefully everyone was ok.

Also, fuck moving video watermarks.


I think it does help to impart a sense of the general sobriety level.

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It doesn’t look like it was entirely boneheaded: The first support taken out was far across the other side, and the next one taken out was closer. It seems the intent was to get it to fall perpendicularly to the position of the demo equipment, but it came down at a closer angle.

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No smart people were injured.

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I was completely disappointed it was empty! I wanted the giant gush of water.


It looks like they had the right idea, sort of, but unfortunately, the demo machine was within the cone of probability of getting crushed. Definitely needed to work at that support from the far side.

They need to hire these guys:

He ded?

I don’t think any planning was involved.

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Those are columns (vertical), not beams (horizontal).

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Water Tower Demolition Gone Very, Very Slowly Wrong

That was my thought as well. Assuming we’re seeing the entirety of the process then the support off to the right must have already been weak, we can see debris coming off but the operator doesn’t seem to notice. Unfortunately that makes the one they’re working on the mid-point of the failure.

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Action starts at the 2 minute mark.

Also, EEC media can kiss my ass for that stupid flying watermark. And of course it is vertical video, well almost vertical.

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Yeah, I got the feeling they didn’t expect the whole thing to come down after just two supports were taken out, but the whole thing was more rusted and rotted through than assumed, and just collapsed.

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