A visit to a giant reverberation chamber

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That was some pretty cool reverb. Next there will be some band that will use those as their reverb chamber.

That original reverb for music and radio production – before spring, plate, and digital – was set a mic up in one end of a long room, and a loudspeaker at the other. RCA’s big recording studio had a tunnel in the basement where they’d route a signal for reverb. I think it was even adjustable – the mic was mounted on an electric trolley that could place it closer to the speaker.


Impressive, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Faux News.


I would never survive the trip through the tube. It’s also why I will never go spelunking.


I knew someone doing a reissue of an album recorded at the old Capitol Studios in L.A., famous for their echo chambers, and the master tape provided by the label was a ‘dry’ safety copy, with no reverb-- for a week he tried to find a way to replicate the exact reverb with assorted pro-tool plugins before finally contacting the label as asking if the ‘wet’ master was lost (they then sent the correct master.)

There is also the tale of the Beatles finding a room at Abbey Road they thought was unused, and would use it to ‘sneak a smoke’, only to suddenly have music being pumped into the room (always made me wonder if there exists some recording with the Beatles giggling in the background.)

And finally, I would very much like to visit this place:


In digital recording, they use recordings just like this one (a gunshot or loud, fast noise) to mimic the space without actually having to be there. Once you’ve recorded the “impulse response”, the computer works out what frequencies echo and when, and can apply that to your voice, instrument, etc. so it sounds as if it was played in the space. They fudged this one a bit by turning up the volume, but I wonder if you could get a clean recording of this space somewhere.


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