Listen to this reverb, as a vocalist sings 'Rejoice'


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I was enjoying that wish the whole performance was available.




Get the same effect in the shower every morning, no biggie.


That is pretty fantastic. Amazing effect for the right kind of material. Hopefully the people doing the programming in that space know how to effectively utilize it. As an audio engineer working primarily in churches I’ve worked and seen plenty of cases where someone tried to put an amplified band in a very reverberant space with predictably terrible results.


It’s here:


That’s great! She just has to joice once and it just keeps rejoicing!


You came to Boing Boing with a link to Facebook? That’s like coming to a vegan cookout with a raw sausage.


Direct YouTube link:


One of my very favorite hymns. It’s traditional for Advent, which is now.


I imagine that it would be very difficult to understand a sermon in that church. OTOH, it may well date to a time before sermons were common or important. Back when a service was mass spoken in Latin. Basically a magic incantation by the priest.


The church of Lau, in Gotland, Sweden, has a reverb of 12 (twelve!) seconds. Music pieces have been specially composed to make use of this reverb.


Um, that would be Jesus. And, yeah, he kind of invented sound so I think he’s set.



Damn. I thought King’s College Chapel was hard. Herbert Howells was one of the few who used that acoustic rather than fought with it. Only choral music I ever sung written with breves.


And, the version I learned originally as a child, which I haven’t heard anyone else sing since then!


One of my favorite TED talks is by David Bryne and
is about How Architecture Helped Music Evolve, see below.

It addresses such things, but as part of a larger idea.

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