A visit to a secret Nintendo bar in an undisclosed location in Japan

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Are you sure that’s not just the break room at Nintendo?


I wonder why you never hear about Nintendo’s internal company culture. Maybe they’re boring? Maybe I’m just missing those discussions?

japan is a land of a million really good bars…somehow that does not look like one of them.


I don’t know about that. It’s bright and well lit; looks comfortable. I could see myself drawing there.

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So this is what “extreme vetting” means?

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If you have the Konami Code, you’re in.


The words “bright” and “bar” cannot belong in the same sentence for me :grin:

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I could get in if I wanted to. My uncle works at Nintendo!

I bet I can narrow down the location to somewhere in Kyoto.

In terms of the rare stuff the only thing I’d covet wasn’t written up, the Famicom Disk Writer sign in this photo

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Explains why I don’t go to many bars, really. I’m just not being catered to.

Well, that, and I don’t drink.

What makes you think Kyoto?

Thats where Nintendo HQ is

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Ah! Makes sense.

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