Steak House or Gay Bar


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Insert obligatory “Why not both?” gif here…


I got like 80%+ in 20 questions. I really know my steak places…


I only managed 50%. But I noticed there were absolutely more steak houses than gay bars represented.


That’s because there are way more meat eaters than… man eaters?

badum ching.


Beef-cake for desert



Seemed about 50-50 to me. Probably within the margin of error.

Margin of Error is a steakhouse, I swear.


It just asked me if Stonewall was a steak house or gay bar. :astonished:

If anyone answered steak house, can I beat them around the head with a book on 20th century history?


Best Gay Bar name I ever heard: in Savannah, GA there’s an establishment named “Blaine’s Back Door Bar” where you actually have to enter from the rear.


That’s the one I new for sure was a gay bar. Because, you know, history.


Uh, yeah. That’s what I’m telling my wife, too.


I always assume quizzes like this are psych 101 studies of implicit bias, or something.
But the jokes on them cause I’m wearing my tinfoil hat and it’s full of baked potato!


And Margarine of Error is store brand I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.


Tangentially related: If you’re in Portland and want a good steak at a gay bar check out The Fox and Hounds. Great steak and great people.


Some of us like both, of course. Which reminds me, I wonder where I could find a good Pansexual Bar? (OK, actually I don’t drink alcohol, but the point remains the same …)


I used to work around the corner from a country & western themed gay bar called Shooters. Har har.

On the other hand, there’s a place here in town called “Mooo…” that I’m very glad is a steakhouse.


Wow, I’m terrible at this. Then again, I haven’t eaten a steak in over 30 years and I’ve never been in the market for a gay bar.


I Can’t Believe There’s Only a 20%(+/-3) Chance It’s Butter


When I took it only 58% had answered Stonewall correctly, so bring a lot of books.