A Volkswagen microbus tent, for camping or just hanging out


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Toot toot! Magic Schoolbus!


Of course you say tent, I say bouncy castle…


That is for fooling overhead reconnaissance flights in the run-up to the hippie invasion of Utah. Hundreds of these damn things massed along the border in Arizona, when they’re really coming in from Wyoming.


37 pounds. Hmmm. Still probably worth while hauling it up trail to some remote mountain lake just to freak out the other backpackers.


In addition to getting the dimensions of the original microbus right with this tent, the manufacturer came very close to matching the actual van’s 0-60 time as well. Commendable attention to detail.


And if you don’t want to sleep on the ground, there is this…



Also useful as a decoy, much like the Inflatable Batmobile used to thwart False Face in the Batman '66 episode “Holy Rat Race!”


Perhaps I’m misunderstanding “T1” in this context, but isn’t the microbus a Type 2?

Imperfect recall says Bug=1, Bus=2, Squareback/Fastback=3, and some abomination was the Type 4.


Type and T are not interchangeable.

Type T2 T1 is the 1950s-early 1960s V1 Microbus

T2, late 60s -79 Microbus

T3, aka T25 80-91 Vanagon


I was confident that you, of all people, would not stumble over something like that! Thanks for the education in the finer points of T and Type.


For a 4 person, 2 room tent you can stand up in, that’s not too bad.


Type 40 -


(insert missy)


True, but for backpacking…it’s a bit of overkill.


Swanky - I might use this for camping in urban parking spaces, it’s much cheaper than a hotel.


If you turn the steering a little bit engine performance improves out of sight.



Ha! When I saw the photo I thought it was a car cover for a VW van.