Bedroom looks like a VW microbus


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Can I have it down by the river, please?


Neat. Is it available with a warm sense of nostalgia?


Next up, functional cookware designed to look like cast iron.



It’s a little small for me.


What is this? A bedroom for ANTS?


When I needed a bedroom inside a room I got mine done cheaper.


I do not have a mini-bar in my bedroom. You know what I have in my bedroom? Closets.


That’s because you can keep a LOT more liquor in a closet . . .


well my bedroom is a VW microbus


Smoked a lot of joints in one of these. What’s that about a secretary?


I sleep in one of those too, mine’s a white 69 w/ rolling side door.


Thanks, but no. I was really looking for a full size van with a waterbed.


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