A watch embedded with pieces of Stephen Hawking's desk

You just need to choose your bar appropriately.

Bernie Share, 2nd hand furniture salesman in Toronto, deceased, always had the best stories for any piece in his store. “You have good taste, that lamp was a prop for the play …” and on he would go. People didn’t buy items from Bernie, they bought interesting stories.

Might be best to send money straight to the Foundation then buying the watch.



I requested brain.

I just wanted to say one other thing-

Some know, but my life goal, my reason to get up everyday, is to make at least 1 handmade watch, of high complexity.

It doesn’t help humanity, and it’s a senseless pursuit, but for some reason, it’s driven me to become a master of every material and crafting.

When I’m done, it will be nothing like this cheesiness.

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I have been on the look out for some information on anybody who might make small musical boxes that could fit inside a pocket watch…

I’d rather have that remote controlled wheelchair action figure.

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