A woman climbed into the lion exhibit at the Bronx Zoo and uploaded video to Instagram

And also

I mean sheesh, are we not giving kids enough poetic examples of how lions actually EAT PEOPLE!?


I guess we can be thankful the lion didn’t attack. Not because of the harm to the moronic woman, but because they would have then put the lion down.

Not always:

… Mones was eventually killed and partially eaten by a 1200-pound bear named Scandy. They found his body later that morning. According to zoo officials the bear was playing with the body, tossing it in and out of the water. Scandy, a bear described by officials as “friendly and gentle,” was just doing what was natural and normal for a polar bear and, thus, no retaliatory or punitive action was taken against the animal.


i have seen cats jump…can that lion really not jump over that moat?
(ETA: i guess they designed that enclosure to ensure that the lion cannot but…)


… it’s been a while since feeding Christians to lions was a thing. :wink::thinking:


I missed that. She regains some points in my scoring system for being a religious nut. Looks like we have one of these kooks (well known to NYers) on our hands:


Just because big cats don’t jump over a fence/moad, doesn’t mean that they can’t when properly motivated.


That is certainly what they are designed to do, but… ISTR that when the current enclosure for the big cats at the National Zoo in DC was new, they occasionally found the cats outside of their intended enclosure. I also recall overhearing some of the zoo keepers trying to figure out how one of the smaller cats had gotten out of a new enclosure. (It was either one of the fishing cats or the clouded leopards, I don’t recall.


By surviving she has become more powerful than we can possibly imagine.


70% of the time it works every time.


I wouldn’t say they’re especially more kooky than any other religious group, really.

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I’ve had the chance to observe them in action during several street-corner debates with bored punters. They’re in a class of their own, even by the standards of religious fundies.


I read a piece once about genetic testing of a (south-)african people who self identfied as jews. I can’t remember the details of the story, there was something in it about having to compare to people from the Cohen family, because culturally ‘jewishness’ is inherited only in the maternal line and they were looking for markers on the y chromosome. The Cohen family was apparently an exception to that rule.

Anyway, it did turn out the africans (who were very dark skinned) were right and they did in fact descended from migrated jews/isrealites. Since we are talking about a ± 2000 yr timeframe here probably everybody in the world is more or less related, but apparently it still measurable.

Now I can’t find the story anymore (my google-fu is bad, or the study is just too obscure) so I can’t check if it was actual science, or pop-sci looking for ‘israels lost tribes’.

I think you’re referring to the Ethiopian Jews. There are definitely connections there, genetic and historical and cultural and Biblical, with some cool links to other cultures (Judaism --> Ethiopians --> Haile Selassie --> Rastafarianism).

The Black Hebrew Israelites are separate from all that. They’re just especially loony religious fundies (sometimes hatemongering ones) who decided they’re “the real Jews! (Read!)”.


She’s not scared of that moat! Grown Men scared of that moat but not a Child of the Most High! 100!


Hey boingboing, I really wish you wouldn’t publish this kind of story. Promoting and disseminating is how you get copycats, which will eventually get people and animals hurt. Reposting her original Instagram is probably the worst thing you can do, because you’re telling the world “this is a good way to get major websites to amplify your posts and message.” Anyway, I hope someone from boingboing hears this feedback from somewhere and reconsiders.


Ugh…I don’t really care that she did or did not get eaten. She’s a moron obviously regardless of her spiritual motivation. She apparently identifies as a Lion-American…a modern day Daniel if you will. More power to you sister!

What bugs me more is the usual poor spelling and bad grammar displayed in her IG ramblings. Have we devolved as a species so far that basic rules of punctuation and grammar can be excused so easily?


Are you trying to ruin my year? Next you’ll be asking BB not to report on the Easter tradition of Filipinos getting themselves nailed to crosses or demanding they ignore the more sporadic Christmas season monk brawls in Bethlehem.


It’s actually the worst part, showing children you can do this without getting hurt, that will get some children hurt.

I can only imagine that she was saved by her calm, had she turned around, and or started running, the cat would have been on her in seconds.


Welcome to BoingBoing!

Disappointed already?


Good point. Before Instagram and Twitter and viral videos nobody ever did anything stupid.

Anyway, relax, chances are that at least one copycat will get chomped by a big cat, and that video will ward off any more copycats. Problem solved.