A young black girl is the hero of this magical, animated story


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Bring it : D

I have a feeling the desired effects of representation might start to show up well before parity; some is infinitely better than none. I hope I’m right, because I’m a bit cynical about the odds of fair representation ever being a thing as long as some groups have much more money to splash around than others…

Hopefully the effect of new ways to get stuff made, along with folks in general getting tired of the same old shit, will result in more diversity than we’re used to seeing.

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I had thought we had come to some sort of consensus on web comic page navigation? I read a lot of them, but I tend to toss the ones that are hard to get to, and harder to navigate.

“Okay, this story has real potential. I think we could make something out of it. Might have to tinker with the cast a little bit…”

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Looks great, I would like it to be the new Timesplitters which has a Half Life 2 kind of story.

Also, MOJO!
Meet the Beat Alls;

Fuzzy Lumkins, Mojo Jojo, Moko Jono, Him and Princess Morbucks.

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