A YouTube video of white noise got hit with five copyright claims


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I would like to take this moment to announce my simultaneous copyright on silence and the patent on the device I used to create it.

In related news I am also going to sue all database vendors over their use of null and the empty set. {}


Déjà vu: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/05/video-of-10-hours-of-white-noi.html


Time for a copyright claim, I think…


Oh right. I’m sure he can prove that’s his white noise. What, did he sign it or something?


Odds are this is a unique set of noise; the creator should be able to copyright it.


This 10-hour-long video of nothing but white noise was created by Australian musician Sebastian Tomczak and uploaded to YouTube

So we’re just accepting that this is a completely normal thing to do? :wink:

[I used a wink emoji, don’t be mean to me.]


I think normal is long gone.


“Broken” doesn’t even start to describe it?


At least a counternotice on YouTube seems to have served to convince Sony that a video of an amateur choir doing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus does not infringe on Leonard Cohen.

What really gets me is the copyright claims on YouTube that don’t provide any indication of what the allegedly infringing work might be. How can you answer those? ‘Because the complaint fails to disclose with specificity the identity or nature of the allegedly infringed work, Respondent is without knowledge sufficient to form a belief as to the truth or falsity of the claim, and therefore denies the same’?


For audio engineering purposes, one often uses noise (white, pink) and various test tones (which I’d guess might be the “continuous electronic tone” also in contention) to test and setup equipment. :sunglasses:


From now on, anyone who writes down the phrase “white-noise” will immediately get hit with a copyright strike.

Oh no…what have I done???


I’m afraid C F Peters the Music Publishers are likely to contest with a prior claim on silence. At least in 4m33s chunks thereof.


Someone’s getting paid by the hour to set up equipment :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll leave this obscure reference here for my own amusement:


My YouTube channel of synchronized farting is open sourced for the world to enjoy


TFW you’ve reached the point in the collapse of your civilization whereupon copyright is claimed over the absence of information.

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You’re going to make a killing in license fees, since everyone on earth is equipped with this device. Although it may be hard to assert your claim since no one ever seems to actually use said device the way you intended.


I’ll give it a 9 for the beat, Dick.