A24 teases the prequel to X with an ominous poster

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I just watched the trailer and it just seems odd to see after watching “X”. Spoilers ahead…

This new movie was obviously filmed at the exact same location as the “X” movie and it almost seems more like a parallel universe than a prequel (which is what they seem to be calling it). Some of the same exact elements were used (ie: the dock, alligator, barn shots, etc.)

Again, if you’ve already seen “X” then you know that Mia Goth’s true origin is revealed at the very end. It doesn’t seem to align with things in this new film. Also, while I really enjoyed some of Ti West’s earlier films, the biggest twist in “X” (in my opinion) is the fact that Mia plays both the lead role (young Maxine) AND the old psycho lady. However, this is not even part of the story. It’s more of just a behind the scenes easter egg.


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Shameless plug for “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On”…another truly unique a24 gem. An absolutely delightful movie.

It proves that there’s a ton of great independent film making out there that is being completely ignored by the major studios intent on pushing more bland Batman/obscure Marvel character/80’s reboot/sequel-nobody-asked-for pablum on moviegoers.


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