Abba reforms, announces new songs


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You know Waterloo sounds very different in the me too era.


Whenever someone asks me what’s my guilty pleasure I never say “Abba”, because I don’t feel guilty about liking Abba at all.

They wrote perfect little golden nuggets of pop music.


Finally! I don’t think I could’ve held out much longer.


Gimme Gimme Gimme!


Black Flag?


Never say never.


i think every report i’ve seen about this is missing the big question about this: a tour of their “digital selves”? are they talking holograms, or a movie, or what? it’s so weird.



Money Money Money?


It’s a rich man’s world.


The winner takes it all.


They’ll have a hard time competing against the new Sleep reunion album.


I do, I do, I do.


That’s a really good point because that’s always my answer too…and not one lick of guilt for it.


this makes me squeee with delight. what a fun band. what a fun era


Ahhh some good news. Nice.


They changed their mind? I’m the first in line.


Probably the closest I ever came to supporting John McCain was when he defiantly stated ABBA was his favorite band and to hell with all the haters.

To this day I think he could’ve beat Obama if he had been able to convince the band to let him use “Take a chance on me” as his campaign theme song.