Abby the dog rescued after 2 months in a cave

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This was on the local news! So glad they found her and got her out. How the heck did she get so far in she couldn’t sniff her way out? Poor doggy!


That is a sweet ending. Summer was no use in finding her companion?

Poor ees pupper! Glad she’s rapidly improving!

Possibly a fall through a hole she couldn’t access from below?

having fallen into a cave


The Perryville area is riddled with sinkholes – probably the most of any area in Missouri. Any number of them could be a one-way Sarlaac pit into this cave.

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Oops, RTFA. Yeah that can definitely happen with a cave system.

I do love caves - but like not enough to explore them in the wild with out a guide. At least - not tooo far in.


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