Rescuers still working to save US explorer who became ill 3,400 feet below Turkish cave (video)

Originally published at: Rescuers still working to save US explorer who became ill 3,400 feet below Turkish cave (video) | Boing Boing


Will Pedo Putin Guy be sending his cave submarine?


A while back (goodness, a very long while back), a post on boingboing led me to the book Blind Descent by James Tabor about extreme cave exploration. It’s worth a read. But not if you’re claustrophobic.


Our area has hundreds of little former mine entrances of the old room and pillar style. Exceedingly dangerous in addition to all the normal cave hazards. I went into one once with a property owner. It used to be used as a mushroom growing operation for Campbell’s, so it had lots of recognizable waypoints and light shafts. Even still, there is no freaking way I’d go in there alone or without backup lights. I used to be terrified of my children getting lost in them, but I sufficiently scared them off. Still, there have been dozens of people reported missing over the years, most notably 2 professional divers exploring the now-flooded sections.


Just find a mechanic and a really long rope.

Having lived in Nevada, where a lot of mining was done (and there are still some on going) i’ve been told to stay the hell away from old mines. Too many dangers, stuff like gas build up can suffocate you, roof can collapse on you, get lost, mine could get randomly flooded, and one scary one is if there had been mice in there that had hantavirus or anything else nasty you would be screwed if you disturbed their droppings or dried pee.



New fear unlocked!

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… can I read it on the patio :grimacing:


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The solution should be obvious. He just needs
to utter “xyzzy”, and he’ll be out.


The map of the cave is pretty crazy looking:

I think the red cross is where the camp where he is, but I could be mistaken.


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