Abercrombie and Fitch to be fined after firing headscarf-wearing Muslim




Great to hear. It seems like a odd job choice for a modest girl to work in a place in that is so, so porn-y, though. I guess she doesn’t judge. Good for her. http://static.ibnlive.com/pix/sitepix/05_2013/abercrombie.jpg


It’s bad when a company discriminates against its own employees, but it’s worse when it’s a government. The Province of Quebec’s new Charter would ban any religious headwear, including headscarfs, turbans, kippahs, and even “obvious” crosses for public employees!


A good news tidbit from the referenced BBS website, found under the Related Stories heading: Abercrombie and Fitch sales fall 10%


Oy. Another great reason to hate A&F.

FWIW I hate American Apparel for being gross and porny also, but they seem to be taking an oddly weirder approach to faith in its store:

WARNING Unicorn chaser may be needed after that link.


“… A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong…”

Can’t?! laughs Sounds like a helluva challenge. Buy up their clothes and give them away to all those “un-cool” kids. I would LOVE to see racks and racks of A&F clothes sitting on full display in thrift stores.


Or do something for charity and give them to the homeless/panhandlers/drug burnouts! Brilliant idea.


A little part of me dies every time I see someone in a Hollister Surfing Company t-shirt.

This is because Hollister, CA is a real town. A dry, dusty, agricultural town that is considerably inland. Yet, I still see people walk around San Francisco, a city an hour and a half North of Hollister proudly wearing their shirts that make no f’ing sense.


for fucks sake… must we all cower to “religion’s insecurities”? A&F is not a government entity… and fuck the state for requiring them to accept a religious scarf.

someone working in your county tax office is one thing… but a private business… especially a clothing store… should be able to dictate what their employees wear.


How about if I hire you at my store which has a dress code of assless chaps and Steve Buscemi pasties but tell you it’s ok for you to cover your tender cheeks with flannel or something and thus hire you. And then fire you later because you’re not wearing assless chaps?

Even if you don’t think she has a right to wear a headscarf at her place of employment, this seems a little bait-and-switch.


Don’t you think its weird that the store hired her fully knowing she would wear her hijab, and then fired her a short time later when they decided to change their mind about it?


Getting themselves in the news for negative stories seems to be the only way A&F can market themselves. The clothing is still the same as it was in the mid 90’s which is also the last time it was cool.


Does a business have a right to require someone to go against her religious beliefs to be employed, especially when all it takes to accommodate her beliefs is allowing a garment which can be very stylish and elegant? This is the first time I have been embarrassed to be a Current 93 fan!


Let me also note that I say a little prayer every time that I pass an Urban Outfitters that they will try some stupid shit like this. I would love to see them catch some hate also. Fucking useless derivative crap cut with equal parts of outdated faux “self-aware” irony and intellectual property theft from indie artists.


As one blessed to live in a city with many Saudi, Iraqi, Indonesian, Malaysian, West African, Bengali, and Pakistani residents I can say that hijab wearing women almost always look stylish and elegant. The hijab emphasizes the shape of the face and the eyes and its pattern and color can make the entire outfit “pop”, to borrow a term from the design world. This is also true of Hindu women wearing a duppata and Sikh women wearing a phulkari. How could anyone in their right mind perceive that as a negative thing in a clothing store? Well I suppose it is unrealistic to expect everyone to be in their right mind.


Abercrombie & Fitch: By Biggots, For Biggots


I a saw a Japanese kid in Tokyo wearing a t-shirt with a picture of The Bomb on it. I guess kids everywhere wear shirts that make no sense.


Disney calls their employees ‘cast members’. They are ’ on stage’ playing a part in a theater…even the maintenance people.

Thus they can dictate rules about appearance, tattoos, hair, makeup, and even religious garb.

I doubt a 300 lb guy with a Linux neck beard would be cast for the part of snow white.


A&F clearly isn’t an amusement park and I can see a strong case for Disney allowing headscarves (and being required to allow if they don’t see it themselves) anyway. Besides which, you haven’t addressed the problem that’s been raised by several … A&F agreed to the headscarf and then shortly after fired her for it.


I feel that way after anything on HEEB.