Absurdly awesome covers from 1930s boys' magazine: The Hotspur


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Awww, no weasels?


Early conceptual art for Zardoz.


I already know the plot of the story about the giant spiky snail. Maximum speed of what, one foot per hour?


it’s a zombie giant snail.


Pretty sure we had a Christmas compendium of the Hotspur floating about the house when I was a kid.


Batman and the BatJet:


I’m sure that 14th cover must be the inspiration for Billy the Fish (link to VIZ, so work-place caution, natch)


I must get these. As many as possible.

I see at least one available on eBay.

But look how ahead of its time it was!

Star War stories… in 1940?!


Batman vs. the Absurdly Large Pencil


Oh, man, these are just splendid.

I bet the stories suck hard enough to drag a musk melon through a garden hose, but who cares? Those covers have enough awesome to last a week.


I don’t know what the big deal is, aren’t giant snails rather common on your hooo-mans earth?



Does anyone else see a car being attacked by a bunch of primitive Bender robots in the seventh one down?


Hitchbot is avenged.


Anyone know what the “d” stands for in “Price 2d”?


Are these out of copyright by now?

I’m assuming yes so it won’t be a faux pas to ask if anyone has a torrent link?
I could only find a torrent of the first 3 issues…


My guess is Two Dimes, or twenty cents.


In England? Are you sure?


Nope, I take it back. I was thinking too USsian. Sorry.

EDIT: It’s tuppence. Ref Wiki.