Insanely frenetic 1944 comic book cover


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That’s from the first Republiucan debate, right?


OK. Without doubt. One of the funniest comments I have ever seen on Boing Boing.


You gotta admire the stones on a kid that brings a slingshot to a machinegun-and-vat-of-acid fight


I look at it and all I can hear is Bob Dylan.


I dunno. To me it feels downright sedate compared to some of the classic Captain America Comics covers from the same period.


What’s up with the blonde girl breaking her gold plated rifle on the gear in the bottom right corner?


Maybe she’s trying to stop the gears from dropping Black Cat into the vat of acid and her soft metal gun can’t take the strain?


Still though, look at all those kids with guns saving the day!


This is why more kids need guns, not less.


And, apparently, slingshots.


That shoot… Knives? I think?


Oh hell, I hadn’t even seen that! I’m going with radioactive knives at that, what else explains why that kid’s bald?


Instead of ACID, wouldn’t the vat say



Another example of rationing during the war. All the good gun and glove colors were apparently needed for the boys overseas.


Well, they weren’t allowed to see the puppies.


Such as this one?




Uh, what about Capt. Freedom’s Freedom ShortsTM? That’s some full-frontal patriotism there…