Cannon: 27-page preview of Wally Wood's sex-and-violence comic strip


really…? Crumb and/or Clowes before Wil Eisner?

I put in a vote for Burne Hogarth.

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Meet John Cannon, the perfect agent and America’s exploitative answer to James Bond.

Any relation to Max?

Wow, Wood’s gals have great gams–and plenty of OOOMPH!

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Says here the pencils were by Steve Ditko. But look at this, Wood swiped the exact panel of the Pentagon on pg. 6 of the preview in a later Sally Forth strip (not to be confused with the unrelated newspaper Sally Forth comic, which contains considerably less nudity):

Also, check this out… Glenn Danzig says he named the band after Marilyn Monroe’s last movie, but there is basically no way he hadn’t seen this comic too. Not only is the logotype very similar, but there’s even a vampire guy with a devilock!

I’m all for molecular gastronomy and the new wave of adventurous recipes, but why would you fill a salami with cement and if you did would it even still be a salami? These are the existential questions that keep me awake at night.

If the strip supports us american troops … how can I resist? /s

That comic is nice fap material for horny hetero teenaged boys who don’t have access to the internet. But, why is this ridiculously sexist garbage being advertised on BoingBoing?

ridiculously sexist bag of awesome you mean?

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