Abusive Marjorie Taylor Greene treats witness like a criminal in cringeworthy exchange (video)

Originally published at: Marjorie Taylor Greene harasses witness in cringeworthy video


God, that woman…

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She’s such an evil tr0ll. Towards the end she spewed something like, “Who is responsible for the increase in statistics!!!???” Umm, I guess that would be the data scientists, you idiot?

I really felt for Pearlstein. I hope others there asked her more intelligible questions and actually let her respond.
And I feel bad for all those in Empty’s district. Yes, even the ones who voted for her. Because she is doing NOTHING positive for any of them, or their children.


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I don’t just say that because I got family and friends there, either… Even the ones that love her and her antics are not being well served… and of course, this district has a long, deep, and violent history of racism and voter suppression…


She wants clips where she “owns” and “destroys” the witness, so she tries to anger the witness and make her look like an idiot or a liar.


Meanwhile, she only makes herself look like a liar and idiot…


It’s also a useful study for what emotional/verbal abuse looks like.

This kind of barrage attack and alternating gaslighting… a classic.


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MTG is really a lesson in how people can be truly awful, isn’t she? I can’t think of one thing she’s done since she’s shat herself into the public consciousness by cozying up to fascists that’s remotely good or helpful to anyone but herself and her fellow fascists…


I wish I could, but there are plenty of GOPers that don’t mind being hurt - just so long as the other side is hurt more.


MTG thinks she’s strong but just ends up looking like a flailing idiot.

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Well, to us anyway. To her flock of mentally malnourished idiots she’s the gapped-toothed hero bully throwing rocks at school buses.


Here’s what I would have attempted to say (I doubt I would have been able to get a word in, either) once MTG said, “We’re not talking about the Constitution.”

“Oh, yes we are. We’re talking about impeachment, and that’s a Constitutional issue. You may not think we’re talking about the Constitution, but anyone who has actually read it, which you clearly have not, knows we’re talking about the Constitution.”

And then I would probably be kicked out…thank God.


I think the correct answer to every one of MTG’s questions is, “What the f**k are you talking about?”


Yeah that was absolutely a missed opportunity.

Sometimes I wonder about her experiences of from whom and how she learned that as any kind of acceptable behavior, but mostly I don’t.


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Her mania for attention is apparent to some of us, but think how useful she would/will be if fascism takes hold. There will be a sudden demand for reactive, hot-headed, abusive tr0lls just like her to head committees and courts like the ones in this other BB article, about a real regime that has, and flexes the kind of power she and her kind seek. There will always be someone else dragged from their university seat or media position to endure this and more, and the likelihood of ever being able to answer truthfully or completely just diminishes to zero under those conditions. She’s PERFECT for the christofascist takeover. https://boingboing.net/2024/01/18/north-korea-sentences-two-teens-to-12-years-of-hard-labor-for-watching-k-dramas-video.html

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