Accusing clinic staff of 'murder,' a California man went on a rampage at a vaccination site

I’ve gone round and round on this with high school friends of a friend. I’ve pointed out that every doctor has spent hundreds of thousands to get through undergrad and med school, and most of them earn decent money. The cultists claim they’re being paid off, to falsify medical studies, to falsify death certificates and CDC reportage from hospitals. I point out this is fraud, which could get them to lose their license and be unemployable . To pay off a million or so physicians, there’d be some piece of evidence. I point out that for this to work, all of them would have had to be effectively bribed into silence. 100%. If there were some sort of secret payment, why couldn’t a single one of the million or so US physicians, many of whom are Trump supporters, find any item of evidence? No recorded conversations, no video, no bags of cash, no signed checks from George Soros. I’m usually met with no direct rebuttal, but a consistent murmur of it being a coverup, we could get the real truth if we had Hunter Biden’s laptop, and “they’re just doing this because they hate trump” and “you’re just saying this because you really hate Trump”. I DO really hate Trump, which I suspect feeds their belief system.


Well I wonder how much they offered my medical doctor bro in law, living and working in Edinburgh. It would have to be a hella lotta cash for him to risk his career and the future of his family, especially since he became a father for the first time during lockdown last year.


And if anyone suggests Scotland is a shithole country… may you suffer tinnitus of a thousand bagpipes and may your bowel movements feel like passing claymores.


My filthy lucre must be lost in the mail. Damn you, DeJoy!!


“Sit on a thistle.” :wink:


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