ACLU supports the FBI raid of Michael Cohen's office


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Somebody’s about to get disbarred! The only real question is, will he fall on his sword, or is he going to turn on his client before the end?

While it’s fun to say that disbarment only happens if the attorney is caught standing above a corpse with a bloody knife in his hand, in reality the bar association takes a very, very dim view of lawyers who do stuff without the permission of their clients, and/or lawyers who defraud their clients. If you are so completely stupid as to make it seem that you have done either, your licence to practice law is pretty much doomed.


How’s the view from under that bus Cohen?


For some context, the ACLU is firing back at troll Dershowitz, who thinks the FBI is being mean to poor Trumpie and why isn’t anyone standing up to the bullies for him? (In other appalling news, apparently Trump has been consulting Dershowitz for his insight on the Middle East, Dershowitz humble-brags about it in the same article.)


Has Dershowitz always been hideous, or is this something that’s happened recently?


As I saw someone else say about this recently, if you committed a crime you can discuss it with your attorney and that’s privileged communication, but it’s NOT privileged communication if you engage your attorney in committing another crime. Which isn’t to say lawyers won’t do it, like any crime you can get away with it if nobody knows, and the concept of attorney-client privilege is enough to make authorities hesitant to delve too deep.


There’s been a predictable flood of angry comments directed at the ACLU boiling down to “what about the Democrats??” —thus implying that a nonpartisan civil rights organization should support an equal amount of legal investigation for both parties regardless of whether both parties have shown an equal disregard for the law.


It’s also about lawyers colluding with clients in some criminal behavior or enterprise.


The problem is conservatives are treating this like a political issue, when it’s a criminal issue. If there were evidence a Democrat used his attorney to break the law then sure, he/she should be investigated, but that doesn’t mean the FBI can just start raiding lawyers offices left and right, which sure sounds like the Stalinism Fox News is always complaining about.


Exactly. I mean most of the key players in the investigation are actually lifelong Republicans but Trump supporters still can’t see that it’s “Trump vs. Rule of Law” instead of “Republicans vs. Democrats.”




He was a [civ pro?] professor at Harvard Law, and the guy who defended Klaus “von” Bülow, who’d added the honorific himself and put his socialite wife into a diabetic coma to live off her money, way back in the 1980s. There was a movie made. His ego grew thereafter, and he began a noticeable rightward list by the '90s. Of late, he’s been stroking the orange, so…

(edit: the movie was ‘Reversal of Fortune,’ with Jeremy Irons as Klaus, Glenn Close his wife, and Ron Silver as Dersh…)


I’m sure that Trump was counting on a rescue from the ACLU, so tough break!

Quick, light the Superman signal!


As far as I can tell, no - but at one point about 20 years or so ago he seems to have stepped on the proverbial slippery slope and has been sliding steadily downwards ever since.

As to Michael Cohen - if even the ACLU won’t touch you with a bargepole you should pause and critically review the choices you’ve made in your life so far.


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