Trump called Michael Cohen Friday to “check in,” as lawyers fight over seized documents from FBI raid


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$50 says that phone call was another idiotic attempt at obstruction of justice.


As extreme dumb as this all sounds, I’m sure that mango boy is convinced that a pardon will get everyone out from this, including himself. I’m just worried that it might actually work.
(And to think that W was the dumbest one could possibly expect to be in this position!)


I could imagine him doing this in a pathetic attempt to put what he believes would be exonerating “evidence” on the record.


Just “checking in” to see which tapes were compromised. No biggie.

Why is it that these Mafia types are just so dense?


New phone. Other phones taken by feds. Who dis?


Nice one.


This call to Cohen is another indication of the poor quality of Trump’s legal advisors. If for no other reason, you gotta assume Cohen’s lines are all tapped.

Please, please, please God… Let him [further] incriminate himself…


Fucking fascists.


There is so much fodder being spread around these days, I’m sure Pier Paolo Pasolini wouldn’t even know what to do with it if he were still alive.


Also, presumably since he’s no longer Trump’s lawyer none of their communication is privileged?



Prezident Spanky: Michael! It’s the Donald. How are you? Did you see my missile strikes? Pretty awesome, huh?

Cohen: Um sir, you shouldn’t be calling me.

Prezident Spanky: Yeah these lawyer geeks were saying something about that. They had no clue I wasn’t listening to them at all. I did that thing where I look presidential and nod slowly.

Cohen: but sir, it’s a really bad idea to be…

Prezident Spanky: Yeah ok but listen. I just wanted to bounce a couple ideas off of you about getting Mueller off my back…

Cohen: you’re breaking up sir! I’m going through a tunnel…


Here’s a great little film of Cohen meeting with some"friends" during the court hearing:


Or Luis Buñuel.
Although, what I’d really fancy would be a film by Claude Chabrol about this.
Ah well, plenty of old good stuff to re-watch, still enough talent around today to make plenty of new good stuff.
Hell, even a Michael Bay film about the Trump administration might be a hoot.




I’m sure the phone call was to discuss recipes for “Impeachment Chicken”. It’s like “Funeral Chicken” but with mandarin oranges in it.


In ~Soviet Rus^H^H Trumpist America, Justice obstructs you!


Why’s that amazing; who are those other douchebags?


Two of them are Jerry Rotonda and Rotem Rosen.