Across the Globe, with Jeff Sessions


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spans the world finding weird, exotic places and fun facts!


My son has a great nickname for this little racist evil elf: Jeff Secessions




Now it has to be 9 charactets long?!?


Isn’t he dead yet?


Undead, I think.


Elves live a long time. Even Drow.


I really, really want to see this goober take a fall. A video of him at a klan rally, or dancing around in Sparkle Twilight Underoos, or hitting a bong in the parking lot of strip club.


Or undeniable proof that he perjured himself to Congress


Unfortunately, in our post-fact world, nothing is undeniable.


I thought these were supposed to be funny… -_-


I think he’s using the Strom Thurmond protocol.

Science cannot explain the effect; but certain liches of the confederacy are so intensely reactionary that they produce a small area of temporal distortion that allows them to age unnaturally slowly from the perspective of outside observers.


I periodically check the Ashley Madison data dump for such folks on the off chance that this data hasn’t been mined to death yet.


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