The Great and Powerful Special Counsel of OZ... Revealed!


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the Great and Powerful Special Counsel of OZ is revealed as… a man behind a curtain.


Finally a clear explanation of Trump’s bizarre skin color.


“Where I come from…”

Nice. If only we lived in a land like that.


Trump’s hands are comically, monstrously over-large, that is what makes it so funny!
har. har. har… har?

Barr is the guy who helped cover up Iran Contra right?
Who thought poor Ken Starr was just savaged by those awful Others!
Who was hand-picked because he thinks the president is above the law, any law, all of em all the times (except when the President is a Dem, ahem)

Did anyone think this was going to be easy?

If Hillary Clinton had been elected with this much help from the ruskies she would have been pulled limb from limb in the public square by coal rollin ‘patriots’ (but! but! but! her emails!?)


I think everyone was just hoping someone else would do the hard part.

The truth is that impeachment may well have political blowback for the Democrats, and removing Trump from office that way really is a longshot at this point.

That’s what makes it so hard: it would mean putting the principle of holding the Executive Branch accountable before the personal interests of Democratic politicians, maybe even the near-term interests of the whole Democratic Party.


Exactly. I can’t even square this with myself. I value that we hold ourselves, as a country, to high standards. So of course the House should impeach Trump, who is obviously in criminal violation of his office, even though the Senate will let him squirm out of it. But I’m also of the school (and for the very same reasons) that we must do anything to get Trump out of office so we can begin to re-establish the rule of law.

So here we sit, damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

At some point, you need to choose. And when it’s a close thing, my instinct is that doing something is usually better than doing nothing. Impeach the fucker.


There is nothing more amusing and appropriate than portraying Attorney General Bill Barr as an Assistant Flying Monkey.


Definitely, the party has no intention of impeaching Trump. They simply want to maintain the atmosphere of scandal around him so that they can scoop up more swing voters in the next election.


I wish I could say it wasn’t true, but I think there is a lot of attachment to bad plans in the DNC. The flaw in this plan is that the average swing voters is stupid, well not any more stupid than they average politician. Over the next year or so it is going to be pretty obvious if this is being milked for some cheap PR, or if they will take criminal behavior, corruption, and abuse of power seriously on Capitol Hill.

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