The Trump Team, starring in Spy Stories for Dummies


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Trump and his team engage in an espionage plot that’s straight out of the dumbest spy novel you could imagine.


Nowadays, the cartoons almost write themselves.

Still, great job Ruben.


It’s funny because it’s true! Is that Don Jr. carrying a rifle in panel 2?


So, is it possible for the Democrats to gain control of the Senate or Congress with a good turn out for the Midterms? I’m not a USAnian, so I don’t know the likelihood of such a thing happening.


Possible, yes. Probable? Not so much.

Moore getting elected would mean tha reason or decency don’t count much for a good fraction of the voting population of certain states.


The reality is that it doesn’t matter if its a GOP controlled house and senate…if they continue to back 45 through 2018 and into 2020…they are going to lose their seats. It is exactly what forced the swing against Nixon because the Republicans at that time knew it was political suicide to continue backing him.

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The midterms are absolutely key. While certain states will always be red no matter what, there are plenty that are purple (a lot more than people think). If those states turned blue then the Dems would control the Senate. A prevailing theory is that the Dems are waiting to make a serious move politically against 45 until the 2018 midterms and see if this swing happens. At which point Pelosi would become the 3rd in line and if 45 is ousted, and Pence along with him…She would become the interim POTUS. Which would be smart if that is the plan.




Fans of John Le Carré, who is referenced, will be aware that in his book The Russia House* a direct contact between British intelligence and a Soviet dissident is compromised by the incredibly clumsy intervention of the CIA. Le Carré of course is prejudiced.

*Bolling may be referencing this book, thinking about it, in which case I am suitably impressed.
Edit - corrected.


Was it not Philby who compromised le Carre?


I only wish this installment was titled The Constant Tweeter, but that joke might be a bit obscure.

Yup. Le Carré said of him…“I had been betrayed by Philby, I actually refused to meet Philby in Moscow in 1988. For me, Philby was a thoroughly bad lot, just a naturally bent man. You have to remember that Philby was in line to become head of SIS. I wouldn’t have trusted him with my cat for the weekend.”


I like the cartoon version of Flynn, he always looks so stern, like some school headmaster who discovers a crude word carved in a tree.


You may well be right.
However, Le Carré’s antipathy to US intelligence is well documented.
But I’ve fixed the post as I wasn’t aware of Le Carré’s interviews post 2000.


In a strange twist of reality…It’s NOT funny because it’s true.


Who knows where the truth lies? Though it is a good bet that it lies in a shallow, unmarked grave, dug at the start of the war. :wink:


I was going to post the same exact line. Beat me.


Almost absolutely certain that American Muslims have been totally gerrymandered completely out of the picture by now.


Trump is surely much more like Magnus’s father in A Perfect Spy.


Spy narratives with their convoluted interactions and elaborate spycraft always leave me somewhat confused, so this is rather refreshing with the total and complete incompetence.


But not half as confused as it probably leaves real-life spies.


Note that even though they got it right in the last frame of the comic, in the first frame he is eating KFC instead of McDonalds. Obviously, this comic was photoshopped. Fake news!