The Trump Team, starring in Spy Stories for Dummies


Obvious is work of Moose and Squirrel


CIA vouches for Witchcraft in Tinker Tailor
CIA swoops in to arrest Abdullah just as Bachman is about to make Abdullah into a valuable informant in A most Wanted Man

I’ve probably forgotten a few.


And even if it did count, the GOP has gerrymandering and voter suppression to fall back on.


Yep. Carved-in words like “LOVE”. Repubs hate that.


I’d like to believe you, but then I also assumed that there’s no way anyone would ever vote for trump in the first place…


I cannot fathom why you thought no one would vote for him. I live in a dominant blue state. Yet most of my family vote republican every single election. It doesn’t matter who the candidate is they vote party line no matter what.

There are a lot of people like that across the country. That is why voting is so important and a single vote does count and matter.


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