Donald Trump 0045 - Superspy!


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald Trump, Superspy, enters a casino filled with spies and finds himself engaged in a deadly battle of wits… and totally unarmed!


Seems about right.

Here’s Trump being trumped:

He can’t even dominate people with his tiny hands anymore.


Missed the bit in which the US intelligence agencies and media alerted the associates of the Manchester bomber that they were being pursued.

John Le Carré, author of spy books who in reality was at one time an SIS officer with diplomatic cover, frequently suggests in his books that the US intelligence agencies are like a sieve and that the Russians are well aware of many of their operations. I tended to regard this as natural British chauvinism. Now, I’m not so sure.


Excellent, but you forgot his super spy car!


He generally believes that of Western intelligence agencies in general – including Britain’s – his most famous book “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” was loosely based on the Kim Philby scandal.


In the movie version of “A most wanted Man,” the implication was that the Americans don’t really respect Tradecraft.



I actually knew the real life person on whom one of the characters in that book is based. He wasn’t very happy when it came out, but I do know enough to say that the “loosely” is pretty much “as close as he could get and still be allowed to publish”. But the point was, that post-Philby SIS had a good clearout. Many of the Americans who fell for Philby stayed in place.
Both agencies suffered from the belief that anybody from “their” class - in the UK, Eton and a few other schools and Oxford or Cambridge, in the US Yale or Princeton - was a good security risk.


Uh oh, it’s his nemesis, NORMALFINGER!


Well, the French do have super heroes.


It’s in accord with known history.

Traditionally, the USA has been spectacularly good at war production, average at warfighting and bloody awful at espionage.


it was good for me to


Oh, wow, I loved that video. I watched it about 12 times.

I especially love Trump’s face as the handshake continues. “Oh shit. What is happening? How do I… ahhh… phew


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