The True, Top-Secret Story of Trump's Presidency


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH President Trump must bravely respond to a cyber-attack from his arch enemy!


It is kind of interesting that 4 of the last 5 Republican Presidents have had a bit of a public reputation of being buffoons. Phil Hartman’s Reagan Mastermind sketch is still the best, though.


embiggened the panel to obscure the final frame, tried to guess the villain

guessed Obama

was wrong … this time


I was thinking Chris Christie.


ftfy. For them to succeed, a majority of the country who are actually disadvantaged by their policies must be persuaded to vote for them. Serious research has shown that many of these people are more likely to vote for someone like themselves than on any rational grounds. The result is left as an exercise for the reader.


This time you’ve gone too far, dancing bug!


Well it was a 400lb man in the end and he isn’t technically named. I mean…you might have been right.


Again, the hands are way too big. Think a twelve year old girl’s hands and that’s too big really.

Also came in here to say Phil Hartman’s Reagan mastermind sketch is one of the funniest bits of political satire ever. Thanks for doing my job for me danimagoo! Wait, you wouldn’t happen to be a robot would you? Unfair! SAD!


My willingness to disbelieve was stretched to the breaking point. But still hilarious.


heh, that’s cool the way the post title appears in the blog view:


Also was reminded of that classic SNL sketch. I watched it when it originally aired with a buddy of mine who at the time was a congressional aide for an Indiana GOP conservative. He loved Reagan (whose policies I despised – then and now), but laughed in spite of himself. The “amiable buffoon” version of Reagan was the one everyone mocked at the time, but my friend admitted that this “mastermind” satire was far, FAR more devastating.

In the years since, I’ve come to realize, ruefully, that satire, no matter how devastating, has no impact on conservatives. None. It’s nothing but balm for the afflicted. Thanks for that, Reuben.


It’s funny because it’s the exact opposite of true!

Yeah, that’s what I expected. Especially after that Fox interview word salad where he said that there might have been White House recordings because Obama, which implied that he believed Obama was spying on him now that he was president.


Which one wasn’t a buffoon? George H.W. Bush was probably the least clownish, mainly because he was more of a WASP-y book-smart nerd. But his peevish, word- and phrase-salad tendencies (1000 points of light, etc.) certainly defined him as a “ridiculous but amusing person”.


I can give Bush 1 quite a lot of points for the report that when he and someone else entered a meeting where his notorious son was present and looked around, he said “I guess you and I are the only ones here who have only been born once.”


And he threw up on the Japanese Prime Minister! That’s Gerald Ford levels of buffoonery.


tRump really hates New Jersey, totally weird.


I don’t think the general public impression of HW was that he was buffoonish. Also, he ran the CIA at one point. He certainly wasn’t the most charismatic President of the past 50 years, but definitely not a buffoon.

I’ll give him points for calling Reagan’s economic policies “voodoo economics” even though he sold out in the end.


Conservatives believe that nothing can be improved (their mantra is Hutber’s Law, Improvement Causes Deterioration). Satire exposes stupidity and error. Therefore it cannot apply to conservatives who, by their own definition, are incapable of being wrong. It’s all quite logical really. The possibility of improvement is a self-evident Liberal error, and therefore satire must be aimed at the wrong target.


I’ve never understood this desire to want the candidate of your choice to be “a guy you could have a beer with.” Don’t you want the smartest person you can get? Do people pick their doctors out the same way? “Sure, Dr Bob is an idiot, but he’s great to go drinking with so he can take out my appendix.”

I don’t want a condescending ass as a president but if the guy made my intelligence seem ant-like in comparison I’d think that was a good thing.


Yes, he definitely crossed a line. What line? Fuck me if I know. But he definitely crossed… something.