The True, Top-Secret Story of Trump's Presidency

It may be just me but I’ve found anything Trump related unfunny since election day.

Wow… that is literally the best explication of conservatism that I’ve ever heard. Coming from an extremely conservative family, this fills in a lot of blanks that suddenly seem glaringly obvious.

Thank you!

It makes no sense to me either, but there is a huge anti-intellectual streak in the US. It’s concentrated in areas with extremely high religiosity, like the rural midwest, where I am.

One example of this kind of person is Sarah Palin, who feels that her ignorance is better than other people’s knowledge.


Many of them do. Hence “bedside manner”.


You’re not cleared for that, citizen. No “need to know.”

I agree very much with this. One of the better bosses I’ve had is someone I’d never spend time with. He’s Sheldon Cooper without the personality and wit. But he was really good at his job.

I think it’s supposed to be a way of saying “friend who cares about me” which is important because there really isn’t a lot of utility in a smart politician. What you want is for them to act in your interest. (However, politicians do need smart people working for them and they need to actually listen to those people.)

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