For the leader of "The Resistance," Chuck Schumer is awfully cooperative

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The Dem’s Beige Dictatorship Helmsmen will happily shoot themselves in the foot. no change there.


I’d have more faith in his cousin’s ability to do the job.


I sure hope it’s some kinda rope-a-dope move.

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With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Not that enemies are in short supply either, mind…


I am thinking that if we allow and even encourage Trump to go full on fascist, America will be so horrified at the resulting loss of freedom and quality of life that we can then insist that even the Republicans obstruct his every move. It may make future generations draw orange hair on people’s pictures as the ultimate insult much as we draw funny Hitler mustaches now. I do believe that Trump should make his moves sooner rather than later. If all goes well, he won’t even win the Republican nomination in 2020. Then again, It was difficult to imagine him winning any sort of election a few months ago.

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I’d absolutely love to see that!


Too Machiavellian for Schumer.

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This jibes with the lack of urgency I’m seeing on the part of the DNC establishment regarding the 2018 midterms (which is to say, the usual lack of urgency they display over midterm elections). They should be promoting star candidates, fighting against GOP vote denial schemes, and building a long-term GOTV effort NOW.

Take away the “rope-a-” part and you’ll get closer to the kind of move I’ve come to expect from the complacent Dem establishment.


That’s an awfully risky gamble for the people it puts in real danger. It puts a level of trust in our public officials that I’m not sure we should have.


Democrats face an unbelievably terrible senate map in 2018, including nearly all of the rust best states lost by Hillary in 2016.

Will Democrats be fully motivated on the ground like never before to protect the firewall of seats they have in these states? Some of the candidates in these states are moderates that excite nobody.

Marches are one thing. But the the Chuck Schemers of this world don’t have enough historical support in swing states to rely solely on wishful thinking that people will show up and do voter registrations, door knocking, phone banking and other tasks in former blue states that went red in 2016.

The sad history in a number of blue Presidential states is that midterms were still dominated by the right because democrats show up in fewer numbers. Hence the capitulating approach.

If regional Democrat offices, legislators and action committees are inundated with new volunteers and voices donating weekends and evenings NOW that would truly be the unprecedented turn of events that might give them the belief they have a force behind them.


Trump was indeed elected. My opinion is that America needs to have a real sense of buyer’s remorse in order to not only strip him of any real power while he is President but also to kill any mention of fascism under the guise of “law and order”. Impeachment is not enough as Pence is the next clown in line.

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[citation needed]

Relying on Chuck “the most dangerous place in Washington is between Sen. Charles Schemer and a TV camera” Schumer? HAHAHAHHAHAHA Tell me another one. This is a guy who thinks regulating e-cigarette flavors and energy drinks is more important than keeping track of bad cops. Fuck him. He’s an example of everything that’s wrong- fiddle on the frivolities while ignoring core functions of government.

My favorite quote:
“If we have become an increasingly trivial country incapable of dealing with serious issues at all, much less in a rational and deliberate way, then we’ve really found our guy.”

This is my surprised face. You want resistance I’d suggest looking elsewhere.




The base is, right now, fired up like I’ve never seen it, not even when Reagan swept into office and began tearing at the social safety net of the country. If they would fight, and fight HARD, they’d have us begging to help get folks elected, we are ripe for this. Sitting on their thumbs and voting Yes to every single candidate, and some without even fighting, is the type of bullshit that will take all this great energy I’m seeing among my liberal “elite” friends and drain it quickly.


Is Schumer worried that refusing to give Trump what he wants will hurt Democrats in the coming election?

Scorched earth policy certainly didn’t hurt the Republicans. People tend to blame the president’s party for all perceived failures during his time in office, no matter the source.

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That is a large part of the problem. Moderates are exactly what we need but as you say, they are completely uninteresting.

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Takes a wildly different tone from this article:

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The “base” isn’t necessarily plentiful enough in every part of the country needed to do what it takes to win. The ground game needed will be huge, especially given the hurdles Republicans are building into the system. I’m not convinced more hard line behavior for the cameras is what’s needed.

I want Democrat leaders to instruct people that now is the time to contact local/county democrat parties and start building up on the ground infrastructure. Where are the daily reports on how many volunteers we are registering. Maybe looking to new target voter registrations? Tangible milestones. Time to move outside the national media circus and get people focused on the smaller nuts and bolts mechanisms.

It goes city by city, block by block. No other way around it.

Harry Ried, who did a great job with his own organization built from the ground up basically said the DNC was worthless in this respect. This is where the leadership has been missing. Big talk, even big action, only goes so far.


That plan was tried twice:

  1. Claudius Caesar names Nero as his successor because he hopes Romans will be so sick of his excesses that they will end the Empire and restore the Republic. The Roman Empire would go on for another 4 centuries.

2 German aristocracy and wealthy class support Hitler in the hope will be such a failure as a populist elected leader that they welcome the return of their social betters.