Chuck Schumer compares mailbomb to Republican office window broken by thieves


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This from the minority leader, experienced politician? Looks more like a novice.


Schumer ala Dems really need to grow a pair. Tubes or nuts your pick.


The Dems can’t win.

Well said.



Everyone knows that rich people are worth more than poor people. By extrapolation, Republicans are worth far more than Democrats.

So it makes perfect sense to equate heckling of Republicans at restaurants with attempted murder of Democrats.



Dear C. Schumer: If you can’t say something intelligent, say nothing at all.


He spelled “The bullet through Rep Steve Scalise’s Hip” wrong.


Dear Chuck:



This ass needs to retire. He should be #1 on the needs to be primaried list.


The Third Way seems to involve making a lot of false equivalencies between the other two Ways.


Why? Why can’t the god damned Dem’s avoid stepping in their own shit. God damn Chuck Shumer for saying this.


Let me correct your spelling. Turd Weigh.


Yep, they’re so right. Being rude? Same as attempted murder. Breaking a window? Same as sending people bombs in a murderous terrorism spree. Glad everyone has their values sorted.

/s (in case it wasn’t obvious)


This is why I have zero faith in the Democrats to get it right. Even if they somehow take back control of the legislature, they don’t have the balls to do what’s necessary to fix this government’s problems. They brush off 45% of their potential base, then they do lilly-livered equivocating appeasement like this, and in the end, they’ll scratch their heads and wonder why not enough people voted for them.

I’ll vote for the fuck-ups, sure, but my expectations are woefully low by now.


False equivalency.

There are always degrees of damage:

Breaking a window destroys mere property.

Bombing a building destroys lives, property, and peace of mind; it’s terrorism.


Oh he’s not always an idiot. He even exhibits gumption sometimes, before succumbing again to both-siderism.


Sounds like they’re setting forth “rules for engagement”. Honestly not sure how I’d feel now if something similar happened to Mitch or the rest of the GOP. Might be considered self defense? Fuck if I know.


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So there was an implied /s in your original comment? I’m confused.


So is the person whom you’re addressing, if he’s talking to himself.