'AN ACT OF TERROR' — Packages sent to 7+ targets, CNN, Obamas, Clintons, Soros, Cuomo, Holder, Maxine Waters


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Wait what? These dumb dumbs can make a bomb?


These events from the past few days (i’m including the Soros bomb thing too) reminded me of a scary dream I had back earlier in the year.

In the dream I was watching the Today Show and the host had on a quest and his baby he sat down next to him on a couch. I was watching that interview when I heard a big boom in the studio and made things shake a little in the studio. The father looked up at where the noise was coming from, then small pieces of the ceiling started to fall down around them, then he quickly covered himself over the baby quickly before significantly larger pieces of the ceiling came down on top of them; the host and I guess the cameraman too. Then the feed cut to black. I woke with tears pouring out of my eyes from the sheer horror of the nightmare. That feeling was not only from the what i’ve seen but the very real possibility of terrorism against media outlets these days too.

Sorry if that story was a bit off topic.


Yeah, resorting to terrorism will totally help those on the right.

Fuck all this nonsense; we ain’t ‘going gentle.’


Cruz, who was calling for his opponent to be locked up yesterday, is calling for civility today.




This is not a developing news story, this is another disgrace.

And nobody is really surprised. Everyone will have their own explanation very shortly.



Over on Free Republic, they’re already blaming the Democrats. I guess they want to bomb themselves?


Fear is being sold wholesale, don’t fall for it. Get to the pols on November 6th!


North or South? Not sure which district I’m in.


Hopefully, this attempt at intimidation will backfire spectacularly, and cause more people to vote.


I’m just glad none of them went off.



Thanxs, i caan’t gett throw a dai witout you speeling polyce.


NYPD and press are describing the bombs as crude. Consistent with a highschool level of chemistry knowledge and commonly available online plans. They’ve been detonating them safely because they’re apparently dodgey enough to make deactivating them dangerous.

I expect Trump will begin celebrating these attacks within a week or so. Or glom onto whatever conspiracy theory crops up shortly.

False flag and crisis actors are mainstream ideas on the right. Usually blamed on George Soros. His involvement as a target effectively guarentees Fox will be reporting on how this was an attempt to fix the election by scaring people and demonizing the right within days.

When they catch the guy and he turns out to be a patriot movement nut, or alt right trumpster. It’ll all be about mental health and “divisive” dangerous rhetoric from establishment dems inspiring violence. Don’t you know the DNC organized a caravan of terrorist gang immigrant ms-13 islamic thugs to storm the border and destroy America?


Also, they found bomb number 7


Sounds like a Trump supporter


Wait I thought the liberals were the violent mob?!


What’s ironic is that it probably will… the president and Fox News will find some way to spin this to make them the REAL victims… I’m just real fucking angry today. Seeing this right after yoga class did not help…