What we know about explosive devices sent to Democratic targets


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What we know about the explosive devices sent to Democratic targets

That we have a MAGAbomber in our midst.


The thing I’m most curious about (other than who did it of course) is: were these bombs defective or were they bomb shaped objects? If they did fail we can thank our lucky stars that whoever did this was incompetent.

The fact that the unknown but apparently not harmful white powder was in there package suggests these may have been a scare tactic. Still terrorism, but slightly less insane. The fact that they mailed the packages in several different ways means they had several chances to screw something up, there’s a decent chance we’ll catch the guy.


I really really hope this term picks up steam if for no other reason that it could irreparably harm the whole MAGA “brand” with it’s association.


There was gunpowder in them I believe, but that’s trivially easy to acquire over there.


I keep reading comments from the right about this being a “false flag” and “trying to make Trump look bad” or “framing the Republicans to affect the election”. I always ask them if the MAGAbomber is found to be right wing does that mean that Trump does look bad and does it make it seem that the Republicans acted out trying to influence the election. I also ask them if they think the bomber, if right wing, is a crisis actor.

They respond by calling me a troll and then I LOL them. It’s fun.


Rinse and repeat!


It’s had some traction on Twitter, but really needs our support:




In other news, the President has been alerted and has his pardon pen on emergency standby.




The devices are on their way to a federal laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, for forensic analysis.

MAGABomber: Quantico? But that’s… that’s not fair! Deep state! Deep state!


Try the big white building in DC, I hear people there have been encouraging this for years.


Remember! Everything is a false flag!



But it sounds cool. I swear the people that do this also get off on the cache of the cool names. Killdozer guy… etc. Can’t we use some of the most hated words in english to name these people as discouragement? Call them the ■■■■■ Renal Phlegm Bomber or something like that?

I’m not sure whether I’m completely joking with my comment though either. I do honestly believe that the folks that do this and mass shooting etc really do get off on the attention and pandemonium. No different than diffusing the school bully. If people go on their way, ignore the spectacle, the fun is no longer there for them.

Edit: LOL why is one word censored?!?! I can assure you it’s not a bad word! Just a hated word in English.


The explosive potential is real. The one that was control-detonated contained glass shrapnel, and I think we can safely assume the others do as well.

Right now, the bombs appear to be mainly “black powder” bombs, designed to cause injuries and fear more than all-out lethal force. In other words, these are textbook terrorist bombs, as in designed to cause fear first, death and injury merely icing on the cake from the terrorist’s point of view.


I mean, it’s not as if he needs help - his response to this has been… to blame the media. He looks terrible all on his own.

“The Erectile Dysfunction Bomber struck again today…”


Does the word rhyme with “joist”?


Making “MOÍST” into a ‘dirty word’ on this site is a running gag…


I’m ■■■■■ right now!

Just to beat Papasan to it…heh, heh…


Me too.