Cesar Sayoc Jr., Florida man, arrested in pipe bomb case; van with 'right wing paraphernalia' seized


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If this info turns out to be valid, I will not be a bit surprised that a resident of Florida was behind it.


Florida Man - what a fucking surprise.


Wow! That was fast! I know the various agencies will be super tight-lipped about everything surrounding this, but I’m still very impressed at the efficiency of getting a suspect in custody.


Perhaps even Jacksonville. Aww damn! Hope it wasn’t Donkey Doug.

The only thing that will be less surprising than the suspect’s location will be his politics.

Based on what we know so far, Van Man here isn’t exactly Keyser Soze.


At the pardon ceremony, Trump will ask him “Who did you vote for in the last election?”


Those are political stickers? I just thought it was an ice cream truck!




In other shocking news!


Suspect arrested in pipe bomb case had right wing Trump stickers all over his van



“This van looks like what Steve Bannon would turn into if he was a Transformer”

No, this van looks like it’s been washed recently, and is not rusty and dented.


Oooohhhh. . . wonder if Trump will pay his legal fees, like he promised during the campaign!


Only if he can prove he’s an Indian.


I won’t be surprised when his affiliations are concerned, but I don’t think that presidential seal decal matches the Trump one shown. For one, there is clearly a US flag behind the subject. And based on the hair (or at least what looks like actual human hair instead of a toupee made from a vicuna testicle), it looks a lot more like a photo of Reagan.

Which also wouldn’t surprise me.


I dunno, Jo Cox was murdered by a racist shouting Britain first and the Brexit/Tory party voters couldn’t see any connection at all with them. I expect a similar level of soul searching in the Republican party vote.


On Breitbart, it’s running mainly “staged false flag”, “crazy delusional loner” and “from New York, so must be a liberal”.


I feel like any other rational president would have made some clear statement that, you know, we won’t tolerate terrorism of any kind or something. not… “o can you quiet down? you’re hurting us in the polls.”


It’s the Trump Truck! Go figure


I’m sure the conservative pundits are already saying “the Trump/GOP stickers only prove it was a false flag operation.” To which I reply “by that logic every act of terror by a Muslim must be a conservative false flag operation. Hell, MS-13 is probably in the pay of the RNC!”