ACT! Step-by-step guide to filling in the EU's vital, terrible survey

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Holy shit, this survey is a ungodly fucking mess…

Nearly a hour in and not even past the first of 4 pages… Some of these questions though, saying there are some leading questions would be a insult to leading questions.

Damn what a mess…

Ironically, the online platform hosting this survey is broken and gives me a 403 error when I click on submit.

Only when you get to submit? So you finished the ungodly thing and then got stopped before submitting? That is cruel… I’m still only halfway through, since I had no more time to finish it yesterday.

I have a link that takes me back to my concept but honestly I’m not sure I should even finish it, when roughly half the questions are either completely unclear to me¹ or don’t offer a multiple choice answer I can agree with² I don’t know how much good my contribution is even going to do. But I guess I’ll pull through, at least it will throw some sand in the perfect figures they intended to get with this biased piece of sh*t.

I’m half hoping @doctorow comes out to say it was a practical joke on his part, that is how horrible this form makes me feel :confused:

1: Have you encountered situations suggesting that the liability regime introduced in Section IV of the E-commerce Directive (art. 12-15) has proven not fit for purpose or has negatively affected market level playing field?

Am I supposed to know this law of the top of my head? Why not include a link to a short primer or even the full text of the law?

2: Is there a room for improvement in the relation between platforms and suppliers using the services of platforms?
** No, the present situation is satisfactory.*
** Yes, through market dynamics.*
** Yes, through self-regulatory measures (codes of conducts / promotion of best practices).*
** Yes, through regulatory measures.*
** Yes, through the combination of the above.*

I guess I want to change some regulation and remove other regulations. But I’m guessing they are going to put my vote for “Yes, through regulatory measures.” down in the column for “In favor of more stupid laws”.

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Yep, I slogged my way through the whole mangled survey and then got a Forbidden error when I clicked submit. There was a blurb on the error page with an email address for the helpdesk, so I obediently submitted a ticket. No response received yet, not even an automated ‘We have received your query’ email. I don’t have high hopes…

Ouch… Did it at least save the concept so you can retry it later?

Yeah, all of my responses are still there, thanks to (I can only assume) browser cookies. Come to think of it, I didn’t get an EU cookie pop-up when I visited the site. Hmm…

I had a reply from the helpdesk - if there is a forward slash at the end of the URL ( it will not submit. Removing the ‘/’ and clicking submit works fine. I’ve sent a message to so they can remove the forward slash from their link to the survey.


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