Actor injuries that made it into the movie

In The Exorcist, after Regan jams her mother’s (Ellen Burstyn’s) face into her bloody crotch, she flings her away and she crashes into a big dresser. For the effect, Burstyn was rigged with a “winch belt” that pulled her off the bed and into the dresser. She suffered a back injury from crashing into the dresser that plagued her for years afterward.


The one-camera setup is a hallmark of Richardson and Tarantino’s creative collaboration. Rarely, a B-camera will come into play, and if it does, Tarantino operates it. “When people ask Quentin why he doesn’t shoot with multiple cameras, he says, ‘I direct, I don’t select,’” says Richardson. “He will reluctantly shoot B-camera coverage for action sequences, but even those shots are specifically tailored.”


The piano lid dropping being deliberate.


Burt Ward played Dick Grayson/Robin. Adam West played Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Bob Geldof also sliced his hand open during the hotel room scene in “Pink Floyd The Wall”. It was incorporated into the script.

I had read that Lucas wanted to do some retakes for Star Wars: A New Hope (when it was called just Star Wars) but it was impossible because of Hamill’s car wreck. Mark’s face does look slightly different in the other two movies.

One of my favorite moments of “actor mishaps that made it into a movie” is this moment from the Bollywood film Coolie:

I love that the movie actually pauses to tell the viewer that this is the exact scene where Amitabh Bachchan gets seriously injured.

Throughout my childhood I wondered what ward meant. Actually, I still do.

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Perhaps you misread what I wrote, since that’s what I said, in effect?

That could definitely be the case. The timeline of the car wreck has always been vague, and Mark Hamill changed his story a lot. I remember reading an interview as a kid where he said his “face was hamburger” and they used part of his ear to repair his nose. Later he said it was just a simple broken nose.

I did not RTFA, but Buster Keaton was known for this type of thing.

I know, it’s just a typo, but I’m prone to pedantry on occasion.

I get that, but I said Burt Ward in the first paragraph. So it was a typo the second time around.

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After filming a scene in the first Star Wars movie where they were running from the stormtroopers, there was a quick meeting after which they took Carrie Fischer in the back and she returned with a funny look on her face. She told the other actors, “They taped down my breasts.”
No one got injured, it’s just a story about Carrie Fischer running around in a white dress and no bra.

Which reminds me of this:

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Dammit! Lucas ruined that film, too!

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What? No mention of the actor breaking her hip? That was always a classic example for me…

Viggo injured himself so many times filming LOTR. There’s a behind-the-scenes where the other actors are listing off various ways Viggo got hurt, or in one case, nearly drowned. Then the camera cuts to Viggo, who shrugs and says “You’re only hearing about it because I’m the actor. The stunt guys got hurt way worse.”

And I loved him forever, the end.


supposedly his real blood on her face, same take.