Watch Disney's stunt flying 'Spiderman' animatronic catastrophically fail

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Given how many tourists don’t even realize that’s a robot flying through the air instead of a live stunt actor (they pull a switcheroo during the show) I wonder if the cast members scrambled to clarify that no one had actually been hurt.


I was really thinking this was a CGI fake like that one somebody did in January, but apparently not.

Looks like he didn’t separate from the launch cable at the right time. It was still connected when he contacted the wall structure.

They thought ahead on that and had some “B-show” audio playing even as the stunt went wrong. While Spidey was still airborne he says “Sharon! Airbags please!!” (which is not the normal dialogue) and the AI voice cheerfully responds “the W.E.B. facility is not equipped with airbags.” just after impact.


Almost as fun as watching cat fails.



This reminds me of the sad death of Bugman at the cruel whippers of Windshield.

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It’s just like Spiderman The Musical but without the real life injuries or deaths.


Take a couple aspirin, Spidey. That’ll buff right out.

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This is why so many actors have played Peter Parker in the last 20 years.


Someone better put Spidey in rice like Uncle Ben

Still, if I hadn’t known it was a robot I might think that they were using that audio to cover up a catastrophic injury rather than a mere mechanical failure.

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kids especially.

heck, they might be sad even about the robot. ( i am. poor guy. )


Well they do another switcheroo with the human actor seconds after the landing (successful or otherwise) so I imagine that anyone who fell for the first switch would also fall for the second one and be relieved to see he was ok.


yeah, and truly we see people on tv and in movies surviving all sorts of ridiculous things with nary a scratch. i think when something is part of a show our understanding of what is real and isn’t gets a blurry.

even kids once they’re of a certain age know it’s all make-believe. which is probably more confusing in those rare cases where it turns out it wasn’t

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How often does that thing fail, because I’ve seen it mess up more than once, though never that badly.|

ETA - NVM - it looks like what I saw before was CGI. Doh.

This one?


Yeah, I saw up above someone linked to an article saying it was fake.

I think I can’t trust anything on the internet any more. :confused:

Neat to see how it was made!

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