Disneyland's Spider-Man stunt ended up destroying part of a building (video)

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I saw this. Speculation is that part of the building is designed to break away in case of problems to guarantee that the animatronic doesn’t bounce out into the crowd. Nice fail-safe design.


I think this is the first public failure of the stuntronic, in operation for over a year. Operating numerous times a day, making it a pretty good success rate. The part of the building is designed to breakaway in case of this form of failure, along with replacement parts ready to go and replaced same-day.

The in-universe explanation is pretty spot-on: Avenger’s Campus is used to The Hulk wrecking things.

For the folks who worked years to make this happen and to have one failure after a year of operation… kinda miffed by the out of context snark. Pile on the hate for C-suite, but there are folks that worked hard to not only make it work, but make it safe when it doesn’t work.


Is that a real building or a Spider-Prop? There didn’t seem to be much going on behind the broken slats, although that could just be a safety fence surrounding the roof.

Just looks like a person on a flopping bungee cord

Honestly I am more interested in this attraction if every once in awhile Spider-Man lands like this. Particularly if there’s a funny quip at the end.

Spider-Man often does have swings go badly in the comics. So this is in canon.


That would make sense. The amount of thought and planning that goes into these kind of shows is rather amazing.

Kudos to the imagineineer that foresaw that their could be problems in the show and created an dialogue branch for an error at that particular point to make it seem more planned. I don’t think this audio is part of the show normally.

Spiderman, “Sharon! Airbags please.”
Sharon, “The ? facility is not equipped with airbags.

From what I understand, the normal show has no audio between Spiderman’s/Spidermanbot’s launch and the landing.

Show from earlier this year lacking that dialogue.

Source: Youtube video Spider-Man Stunt Show With Stuntronic [Avengers Campus] -Disneyland Resort Anaheim :us:, on 2022 01 21, by DisneyGoofballs

I think there are few different dialogue trees to keep the show interesting, but not substantially alter any of the choreography. If that’s the case, the show may have automatically selected alternate audio when the error was detected.

In any case, that was a show to remember.


The system recognized there was a problem while spidey was still in the air and played the following “B-show” dialogue:

Parker: “Sharon, airbags please!”
[crashed into building]
Sharon A.I. (In cheerful voice): “The WEB facility is not equipped with airbags.”
Parker: “Ug. Ok.”

A moment later the human stunt performer comes out and apologizes that didn’t go quite as “amazing” as he wanted, but that’s ok.

I was just impressed that the switch to the B-show audio was so quick and seamless.

Plus, they had the wall reassembled and another stuntronic launched just an hour later, so they clearly planned well for this eventuality.

You can see that it didn’t separate from the cable. My guess is that the system is designed to only release it if there are multiple sensors confirming that it’s on the perfect launch trajectory, and that if anything is out of spec it keeps it attached as the safety default. They want to be very, very sure of where it’s going to land.


Déjà vu (Reboing) @Carla_Sinclair


I was on a couple of VR rides that broke down at Universal studios. The transition to a “stay in the car we will get it started soon” track was seemless. It was even recorded by the same voice actors as the ride, Michelle Rodriguez on the Fast and Furious ride.

It was cool when the fluorescent lights came on and we had to walk out. I could see all the structure of the peppers ghost mirrors reflecting huge screens hidden above the roof of the car.


Wonder if this will be a character origin in the comics, the damaged Spiderman robot who isn’t aware he isn’t Spiderman.

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Would be a good time to start opening up insurance to the animatronic folks. Better start now by showing our good faith, so when they take over we have some bargaining chips at the table, even if they’re under the table scraps.

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I’ve had it for a few years now.

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