Actor Will Keenan assaulted for wearing an N95 mask in public

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wow coward attacked from behind.


What has it come to when someone tries to murder some stranger by strangulation because they didn’t like their choice of apparel.

The perpetrator had better not visit Japan or South Korea cause they’ll be freaked out bigtime.


This, sadly, seems to be the result of chipping away at social norms like respect for others and tolerance (if not acceptance) of differences. We’re seeing public officials othering groups of people while inciting violence, and police officers acting accordingly. It doesn’t surprise me that members of the public feel emboldened to do the same.

We’ve seen multiple attacks like this in the news since the pandemic began. They’ll continue as long as folks demand others conform to their view that the danger is over. Masks are just one of the latest things haters can use to target someone on sight. As a Black woman (and a mask wearer), I’ve learned to be cautious when out in public, but these terrible assault cases make it clear that there’s always a risk.

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Was the perpetrator of this crime apprehended?


I’m not seeing any other sources of information other than the Twitter post and the GoFundMe account. Hopefully there will be more reporting on this, a police report, etc. Because while we have no reason to doubt this Twitter user it’s usually a good idea to trust but verify any story that originates on that site.


Me neither. There’s a thread on Reddit but it also cited Twitter and GoFundMe. At this point, it seems like BB is the biggest news source reporting it.


If you don’t have the perpetrator, aren’t you guessing about the motive?
Did the attacker scream “This is because of your mask!”?

How is the unverifiable bit part of the headline?


There’s still no more information or confirmation on this story that I can find.


finally saw this today: Former Actor Attacked for Wearing COVID Mask Left Permanently Blind

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