Actually, most college students aren't hooking up as much as you think


Are you trying to tell me that the children of our decadent aristocracy are behaving like decadent aristocrats?


“Some of these girls don’t even go to class. It’s like they just live
here. They stay up until 4:00 in the morning.”

So, how do they pass the tests?

Or shouldn’t I ask?

They’re spoiled rich kids, so if the college thing doesn’t work out, they’ll just mooch off of their parents some more. Maybe daddy will get them a job in middle management somewhere so they have a paycheck. This is what happens when someone like Paris Hilton is forced to go to college because their parents want them to.

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Is it crass of me to immediately wonder how to pass myself off as a wealthy entitled 20 year old?

Every time I hear the phrase “hook-up culture” it’s almost always being used by someone arguing that same-sex marriage/adoption by gay couples/acceptance of homosexuality is a threat because we live in a culture that’s already something something mumble mumble so therefore we can’t allow it.

I don’t doubt that there are some college kids engaging in risky and dangerous behavior, but the idea that it’s happening in huge numbers seems as ludicrous as the idea that college campuses are hotbeds of liberalism. Because everybody I know who believes the “OMG COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE JUST INDISCRIMINATELY BANGING EACH OTHER WHILE DRUNK ALL THE TIME” scare stories seems intent on using these stories to justify their prejudices I already viewed them with skepticism. I’m just surprised this is the first I’ve heard about someone going to the trouble to investigate just how true the scare stories are.

Interesting. I wonder if this is four-year schools only. Too many study layers for me to find the answer yet.
My community college years were plentiful, while my four-year college years were a wasteland. For me, it was hooking up with study partners. It took me few semesters to realize there was a reason those temporary relationships were only lasting one semester each.

I’ve always tended to take these sorts of generational scare stories, with their weird mix of panicked condemnation and… jealousy, with a large grain of salt.

Such group profiles were largely concerned with apathy and cynicism, when they focused on my cohort, and with amoral hyperviolence when discussing my younger brother’s. Astoundingly, everyone turned out just fine .

In any generation or group of people, there will be those who are enthusiastic about the pursuit of casual sex, and those who are not comfortable with same. And, given the age range, we shouldn’t forget that there will be plenty of kinda-sad, desperate-for-approval frontin’ :wink:


The article seems to make the assumption that if you have less sexual partners than some threshold; you are not interested in “hook-up culture”. Some people might be interested in it, but not very successful at participating in it. Just sayin…


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