Adam Savage's portable movie theater

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Since mythbusters ended, it seems like the TV face of making is these collaborations with giant companies. Not sure if I like.


Kind of chindogu, considering you could throw a cheaper, better quality screen and some chairs into your pickup bed and be just as good to go, but the drama of the inflation adds something, I guess.


I agree. I’m all for Adam making money, but I’d rather he remain untainted from being a corporate shill.

Honestly this didn’t feel too bad for what is essentially an extended advertisement. It had a similar tone to any of Adam’s other one day builds he does on Tested and its not like he repeatedly told us to go buy a Honda or whatever.

I love that the movie was The General.

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I pay extra to Google so I can avoid seeing ads on the Youtube. When they start introducing ads as the basis of the videos, I’ll feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth for Youtube Red. But I wonder if this has anything to do with how Youtube recently changed their rules about monetizing videos. I saw some video vloggers lamenting that Youtube was pretty much taking away their golden gooses.

I take it that you don’t follow all of his work on or his weekly podcast there?

This is the plot of Dev Benegal’s wonderful 2010 film Road, Movie:

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