Adam Schiff's closing argument in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump

That was an amazing speech. He really put the reason for removal in clear terms. The senate will unfortunately vote for us to “be lost.”

And then someone will bring up Hillary’s emails.


Yes - this is a direct reference to Windman’s testimony where he reassures his father that he will be OK for telling the truth. His father was from Russia where standing up for truth in this way against your president would most certainly get you killed. That is the “old country” he is referring to.


My thoughts exactly. It’s like they’re sitting there and thinking “Of course he’s putting self interest first, isn’t that why we all wanted to be senators in the first place?”


I have been pleasantly surprised by how measured and professional the presentation of prosecutorial charges has been from everyone I managed to hear. Now if only the D presidential candidates would adopt the same measured and adult tone to primary in, no name calling or accusatory tones necessary.

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The GOP is the party that explicitly promotes the concept of American exceptionalism so I think he’s kind of throwing it back in their faces as if to say, “If you really believe in this stuff, then here’s your chance to prove it.”


The republicans voted ELEVEN times to not have any witnesses or new documents / evidence.

Then they complained they hadn’t heard anything new… What a fricking farse.


Except that they don’t believe in this stuff, they just want the voters to believe that.



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That is just conservativism at work: they believe there‘s a natural hierarchy, which implies those at the top are necessarily better, and advancing their interests IS advancing the country‘s. They basically can‘t do anything bad. On top of that, loyalty and tribalism trumps personal integrity and fairness.

I‘m pretty sure most of the republican senators don‘t see anything wrong with what they‘re doing, so an appeal to reason and truth would probably just confirm their position.

I hope so. America is like Facebook, it has accumulated too much power, so I guess the prescription is the same: breaking it up into smaller pieces. I think maybe they could even learn a thing or two from the way the EU is set up.

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