Adam West, 1928-2017

Holy bad news, Batman!



Yes, yes it was.

Funny, I was just a few days ago thinking of the letters the 'bots wrote to Adam West at the end.


One of those things is not like the other things.

Here’s another touching tribute from MST3k.


Those old costumes look silly, for sure, but they also look practical, like pro-wrestling outfits.

They look like they were designed so the actors could actually fight in them.


Pouring out a 40 of shark repellent for the dark knight


I’ve seen this before. He’ll be back.


Most classic superhero fashion can trace its origins to the circus. Which makes sense for a superhero who regularly engages in acrobatics (or is a literal acrobat as in Robin’s case).


I was just thinking that would be an “interesting” comic. I don’t think it would have got past the Comics Code Authority though.

The Marquis de Sade did appear in the Invisibles.


As a good guy, mind you.

Oh, and btw, The Invisibles is the best thing ever. I believe a decent chunk of it quasi-literally, as an aside.


Oh my, yes. If you’re immediately struck by the manifold metaphorical implications of the royal family feeding Princess Diana to a Shoggoth - remember how “unrecognizable” the body in that crashed car was? - then The Invisibles is for you!

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True…still doesn’t explain what the hell was going on in March of '66 that got the three of them together on the cover of Life magazine as evidence of hip new zaniness, though. Wish I’d gotten curious enough about it three days ago - new listings for the issue are being driven up to $50+, from a previous valuation of between $6 and $13 or so. Pffffff.

I’ve been reading account, on Twitter, of West’s interaction with fans. He strikes me as someone who had great fun in his role as emeritus superhero-star; the phone book prank is just an example.


West, to kid on autograph line: “What’s your name?”

Kid: “Adam!”

West: “Yes, good to meet you! So, what’s your name?”

Kid: “Adam!”

West: “Umm . . .”

Kid: “My first name is Adam!”

West: “Oh, sorry, I must have missed you at the meetings.”


You have to hand it to the costume designers for that show: it’s not often that you see a female superhero dressed in a less revealing outfit than her male counterparts.


{Pays especial attention}


For me, it’s actually Superman who stands out, oddly enough. Batman was big because of the TV show which premiered earlier in the year. De Sade was big because of Marat/Sade, which opened on Broadway just before '66. (Went on to win quite a few Tonys.) So, I’m wondering what Supes was doing of note back then.

ETA: Ah, forgot about his Broadway adventure…

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Excellent! Now I know, thankya kindly.

Maybe this? All I found.

ETA: Wait, no - didn’t premier until September.

The answer’s in the linked magazine, but I wasn’t arsed to link the exact page. Superman was in the Broadway musical It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman which opened on Broadway shortly after the magazine came out.’s_a_Bird...It’s_a_Plane...It’s_Superman

Ah! That’s what that was - it wasn’t loading for me.