WATCH: trailer for documentary about Batman star Adam West


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I remember seeing this on cable. West has a nutty sense of humor. He recognized the camp in Batman from the moment he read the first script. I can see why Seth MacFarlane made him Mayor

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Hey Mark - This documentary is currently available for streaming on Encore Play ( and on Encore On Demand on most cable and satellite systems. Same bat-time, same bat-channel!

He might be a nice guy with a great sense of humor, but being Batman didn’t derail his career. He’s just not that great an actor, imho.

Yeah, it’s hard when you have such stiff competition as Keanu Reeves out there.

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Well, Keanu Reeves couldn’t have played West’s role in Young Lady Chatterley II!

Yeah, he seems to be a nice guy. He did this tiny (mostly Star Trek) convention in my home town about 20 years ago, and both he and Frank Gorshin were there and came in together. The convention organizers were supposed to have room arrangements squared away and meet them there; didn’t happen quite like that. When they tried to check in, not only were the rooms not reserved, but the front-desk clerk didn’t recognize them. Gorshin (from what I’m told) proceeded to have a hissy fit about don’t you know who I am, what kind of Mickey Mouse operation this is, etc. etc. and Adam West, embarrassed, quietly pulled out his wallet and booked two rooms.


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