How Adam West played a prank using his local phone book


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Well played, Sir. Well played.


Adam West just got 100 percent cooler…
ahhhh…that didn’t come out right.


Holy self referential references, Batman!


That was fun…pure and simple fun. The phone company has to get some credit for going along with the silliness and Adam West deserved to wear a great happy grin for poking fun at life which is far too often far too serious. Thanks for the smiles


Holy paper tautologies, Batman!


Holy call-forwarding, Batman!


In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.


Holy infinite loops, Batman!

A truly excellent jest.


You should see the crazy trail of clues Frank Gorshin left for fans in that phone book.


It’s almost like he was meta before it was hip to be meta. Does anyone know the story behind this?


Had my suspicions Victor Frieze was behind this


Good on him for having a wry sense of humor; RIP.


Holy let-your-fingers-do-the-walking, Batman!


But… but… what about that giant searchlight?


This man really was a treasure.


That is a sign to Bruce Wayne to call Commissioner Gordon to signal the Batman.


That’s genius


This reminds me of how in 1984, I was looking up a friends # in the phone book, Her last name was Winston and a couple of entries below her was ‘Winston, Smith’.


Even this post here is a repost from RB’s own blog, from 2014 (where she does mention that it was posted on Reddit a year before). But it goes back even further, and not including any of that info here on BB isn’t entirely transparent, IMO.

I bet if you go back far enough it’ll lead you right back here, just the way Adam West would’ve liked it.